Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pre-season preparations

The pre-season preparations are always a busy time on the Luciole.  So much to do every year!

Thankfully we have a wonderful team of workers, who beaver away before the crew arrive for the final push before passengers arrive.  In the photo there are three from the Liley family, myself and two sons, William and Arthur.

Merci millions and 'WELL DONE TEAM' for your hard work and for the laughs!

The pre-season crew from left to right:
William, George, Emma, Marc, Penny, Roy, Amelia, Arthur, Tom and Francisco
Francisco - the Captain - Everywhere man
Andy the tour guide - turned bathroom constructor with William - the everything man
Marc - our chef - keeping us all fed
Amelia and Emma - our hosts - and inside cabin queens

Tom - the matelot - outside painting chief
Roy - the painter and decorator - superior

George - the host - turned furniture restorer
Arthur - the host - turned barge painter

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