Monday, 29 August 2016

7th - 20th August 2016

The Luciole and her crew took a well earned break from cruising to recharge batteries.  We also said goodbye to crew have been with us for the first half of the season and welcomed new crew who are with us to the end of the season.

We thank Marc, George, Amelia and Arthur for their wonderful work and welcome back Jade, Emma and say a new 'bonjour' to Kimberley, who has joined us for the first time.

The first photograph below, shows the dad and lad teams of Richard Parsons, who began barging fifty years ago in 1966 with the Palinurus (now the Luciole), and John Liley who began cruising with Secunda in 1976.  Each with their sons, who have worked together as hosts this season, George and Arthur.

George and Richard Parsons on the left.  John and Arthur Liley on the right.

Goodbyes to Arthur, Amelia, Marc and George, with Penny in the centre

Jade returns to finish the season after her 10 days in June

Our new hostess Kimberley pairs with Emma, who returns from last season

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