Friday, 29 July 2011

Week: 17th - 23rd July

We did not do terribly well with the weather this week to be honest.  After weeks of glorious sunshine we had a little more rain than we would have chosen.  The geese at Lucy-sur-Yonne however, are always happy what ever the weather.  We cruised from Auxerre to Clamecy, where the Luciole was moored for the week while crew enjoyed a mid-summer break and the barge received a mid-season spruce-up.

The geese at Lucy-sur-Yonne always have something to say

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week 10 - 16 July

Our final week of family charters and a special cruise once again as we welcomed back returning passengers to the Luciole.  We commenced our cruise in Chatel Censoir which meant we were able to moor in Auxerre on 13th July, the city's night for fireworks, in advance of 14th July.  We were a little concerned the weather might not oblige but no need to worry, the fine rain ceased and the dramatic display commenced lighting up the sky and silhouetting the Cathedral Etienne and parish church.  A night to remember for us all!

Firework celebrations in Auxerre - as viewed from the River Yonne - the best place to be of course!

We cruised further north of Auxerre than usual, passing through a number of the larger locks on the River Yonne.  Once upon a time they regularly held up to four freight barges - carrying or going to collect cargos of cereals or rock - been no sight of any barges this far south these for many years though.  Captain's dinner just north of Laroche Migennes was memorable, as was our early morning Saturday cruise to the lock to allow our family to disembark. 

Days and dear people to remember always as Luciole cruises a river section under the dramatic limestone rocks at Les Saussois, near Merry-sur-Yonne 

Week 3 - 9 July

The Luciole had our second week running of a wonderful family charter, and again 3 generations, which included 2 sets of twins!  The weather was kind to us with barmy evenings, but relieved to say a little less heat in the day and in the galley!

 Mid summer makes way for haymaking along the Nivernais Canal, where the Luciole moor

We had a bit of a door issue one evening, but no worries 'DIY Dave passenger extraordinaire' was on hand to help, securing the hinge, aided by pilot Francisco.

DIY Dave our seventh crew member for the week comes to the rescue

After we had said goodbyes and waved our bus off the Luciole felt rather quiet and empty.  The cheery little children's laughter rang in our ears, while we packed the toys and books away in a box for another time...... week to remember for sure (never forgetting the fantastic jump rope skipping in the moonlight - girls - Chatel Censoir will never be the same again!).

Happy memories of our wonderful family charter group on the bow of the Luciole

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Week 26 June - 2 July

Summer heatwave hit Burgundy this week, very hot! Passengers and crew enjoy a cold white wine in the cool lavoir at Lucy - an old covered wash house for clothes, nearly every village in Burgundy has one. 
Barge Luciole passengers enjoy a cool wine in the lavoir at Lucy-sur Yonne 

Lots of swimming was done in the River, even some jumping off the boat. The perfect solution for cooling off! Really enjoyed the week, great to see many generations of a family enjoying time together.