Thursday, 1 November 2012

14th - 21st October

The 2012 season is over. We finished with a great week, cruising with a group of friends from high school still travelling together. Shared birthdays - meant an excuse for a celebration - cake and Crement de Bourgogne. A fitting week to finish off a memorable season.

Over the weekend we cruised the boat from the far end of our route back to Auxerre - where the Luciole will rest the winter - under the watchful eye of Francisco. Winterising the boat as we cruised along, packing up everything and storing all away. A sad time in some respects as Luciole is prepared for hibernation, yet a relief for the crew who have worked so hard for the last 7 months, overseen by Penny and joined by friends for the final voyage of 2012. The crew go their separate ways; Alex returns to South Africa, Francisco and Neil travel home and Tim, Stuart and I return back to England dreaming of Sunday roast dinners.

The Luciole crew sharing a well earned drink, leaving the last lock of the year
Although it is a relief to relax, I know in a few days I will be remembering the good times and the many people I shared them with. A wonderful opportunity of which I know all the crew are grateful for; to work on such a fantastic boat. Thanks to all those who made it such a wonderful season.