Friday, 23 August 2013

17th - 24th August 2013

The film gang of last week returned to respective homes and the Luciole crew scattered on their holidays.  Francisco to the Atlantic Ocean, Mike to the Alps, Neil to the Morvan Forest, Anna to the UK to prepare for travels to China and Tom to the sunny climes of Cheshire in the north of England. The Luciole was left in the hands of the ladies, Suzie and Penny!

The Luciole was moored on her smart new town mooring in Auxerre, the mid-seasons spruce-up began. Varnishing, painting, oiling with some rest and repose thrown in.  'OC' Roy our dear painter friend was on hand with masterly skills various and Scottish humour to boot.

On Friday night the crew returned refreshed and ready for the last months of the season.  September, is nearly upon us and always feels a different season.  Summer is slipping by and the wine makers of the Burgundy region, prepare for harvest, with the hopes of a fruitful vintage.

The attractive vineyard at Brocard in Chablis

10th - 16th August 2013

Friends and family gathered on the Luciole for the filming of our new video, under the masterful eye of Director and Producer, Ant Palmer.  We certainly were amazingly fortunate with the weather, every day sunshine, blue sky and a scattering of fluffy clouds across the Burgundy sky-scape.

Ant Palmer films the Luciole cruising through Auxerre

Lots of laughs and a fair old sprinkling of 'Just one more time'.  More wine was poured, the Luciole was turned to cruise a canal section again to film the shot from another angle.  Everyone became 'a darling' as the days slipped past and camera rolled in this most exquisite corner of France.

Big thanks to: Ant, Min and Laura, Judith for joining us all the way from America, Lesley and Malcolm, Isobelle and David, Margaret and Richard, Clare, Tony and Jennie, Luciole crew and Liley Lads, William and Tris.

You were all stars.......Darlings xx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

4th - 10th August 2013

This week saw a mixed group from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and England and within one day the group had gelled and that was the tone for the rest of the week.  Cocktails on deck were followed by a game of petanque at Mailly le Chateau with lots of laughs from participants and spectators alike.  Action was captured on camera by delightful hostess Anna.

Shirley in action, Christine and Cal looking keenly on:

........while Sue,  Jill, Yvonne, Mel and Allan watched from the deck

The week of fun was rounded off with a game of Charades.  It felt as though friends had been made for life and we were very sorry to say goodbye to this entertaining group of passengers.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

28th July - 3rd August 2013

Welcome aboard to our passengers from Atlanta, Georgia on an adventure charter, lead by the lovely Patricia with her daughters, friends and grandchildren.

This family loved their swimming and must have had the fastest dip on the time it took for Maunoir lock to empty various members of the party had jumped into the river, followed by Captain Francisco who neatly dived amongst the water lilies.

Beautiful sunshine all week and the sunflowers are now out and looking gorgeous, who is that peeping out amongst them?

Could it be our camera shy chef Mike?