Thursday, 26 June 2014

15th - 21st June

This week we welcomed on-board a charter of 13 excellent people from the United States. Friends and colleagues for years working in a variety of positions in higher education. A group that loved their tours with the exceptional Anna, and loved a few bottles of red wine in the evenings! An extremely enjoyable week and one we are all very sad to see behind us. Group leader and organiser Tad, a veteran of 22 cruises, spoke a few words of encouragement after dinner on the final evening, claiming the food, ambience and crew of the Luciole set us apart from his previous experiences. With words as kind as that being said, what more could anyone need for job satisfaction?

Finally I would like to say a huge congratulations to our supremely talented captain Francisco, who this week received his certificate of naturalisation and finally after two years of toil, patience and paperwork became a French citizen. Needless to say we're all extremely proud of him. To top it off both Chile and France have qualified for the next round of the World Cup, so we have one happy captain.

England were not so fortunate, much to the dismay of the Matelot and real joy of our Scottish chef.

Sid seemingly enjoying the sights at Chateaux de Bazoches.  

The Luciole's own Captain Francisco receiving his citizenship at the naturalisation ceremony.

Friday, 20 June 2014

8th - 14th June

What a beautiful week to be in Burgundy and what an absolute scorcher we've had. Along with the sunshine and moments of parasol related drama we have 12 wonderful people all the way from the USA, plus one perfect British gentleman in the form of Donald, the father of our very own tour guide Anna. Another week of happy, gentle cruises, fascinating tours and flawless food. The Luciole in a nutshell.

World cup fever has also gripped the Luciole this week as Brazil opens the action. Three qualifying nations are represented on-board so best of luck to England, Chile and France.

Especially England.

 Acting-captain Donald at the helm successfully navigating a lock.

Captain Francisco aided in part by Host George attempts to tune the aerial in preparation for world cup action. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

1st - 7th June

It's the first week of June and summer has arrived in style in Burgundy. Along with the sun and summer cheer come 13 wonderful people from all across the United States. Friends who have travelled together every year for the last 27 years and found themselves in our little corner of France, and very glad we are to have them too.

The week was marked by slow, peaceful days of cruising, passengers walking in the sun or drinking cocktails on the deck. The evenings spent enjoying long, interesting discussions over a bottle of wine or two and of course chef Marcs marvellous creations. The pinnacle however was surely the group sing alongs after dinner, a tradition for many years amongst these guests and one we were all very glad to witness and have the good fortune to join them for on the final night. A great ending to an excellent week.

A sing-a-long after supper. Guitar unfortunately out of shot.

Friday, 6 June 2014

25th - 31st May

Peaceful, relaxed and happy. These words are synonymous with life aboard the Luciole, but never more so than this week. Our passengers cycling and walking in the sun, others inside enjoying a drink and reading a book, above it all the sounds of sweet music as Kevin plays on deck, well travelled guitar in hand and sheet music spread on the table. The perfect backdrop to a beautiful afternoon.

Again a week of great weather, bright early morning sunshine and glorious heat in the afternoon. No wonder so many guests chose to cycle down the towpaths and in some adventurous cases cycle straight off the beaten track exploring parts unknown.

Finally I would like to say a big congratulations to Colin and Katherine, the honeymoon couple, who joined us this week for the first leg of their 5 week trip. Here's to many years of happiness together.

Peter and Nik, who cruised with us in 2005, shared a picture with us from their last cruise. 
The Luciole is cruising round the bend, beneath Mailly-le-Chateau.  In those days, the path beside the canal could be rather unpredictable, nowadays its tarmac and so much nicer for walking or cycling along.

18th - 24th May

This week as we were without passengers the Luciole was moored up in the picturesque town of Clamecy, one of the usual weekend moorings of the barge. A good chance to touch up the paint and get some cleaning done, alongside soaking up the sun and the cycling excursions that is.

The latter half of the week was ours to occupy and saw the crew enjoying a long weekend in a variety of places. Francisco, Marc and Tom taking a turn as tourists with a visit to the Netherlands, George home to Dijon and Anna and Suzie remaining on-board having a lovely time without the boys.

A productive and very pleasant week, roll on the next one and our next group of guests.

The port of Clamecy seen from the wheelhouse of the Luciole