Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Crew, 2012

Francisco, Liane, Alex, me, Neil and Dan
This season sees some new and old faces. Our wonderful captain and tour guide Neil, with us for his fifth season, along with Francisco our pilot (commencing his third season). Both of whom spent the winter relaxing and recovering in Burgundy along with a jaunt to home life in Cheshire to experience narrow boating in England. This year we are joined by our talented new chef Dan, cooking up a storm and producing the quality of food that gives the Luciole her reputation. He is also joined by his wife Liane and our young Alex, the pair will be looking after all things on the inside as hostesses.

A great atmosphere onboard. And I am very excieted to start the 2012 season with some old and new friends.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

2012 pre-season refit

Neil giving the Luciole some new make up
Liley brothers cleaning the saloon roof

The team sit down to a delicious lunch
The Luciole is restored to her summer glory after her winters rest in the port of Auxerre. A full team effort on this years refit! With some fresh faces in the mix. A new wooden front and windows to the saloon look great. A big thank you to Carpenter Chris, aka ‘Baron of Bristol’ and Giles. A set of new chairs in the saloon look really classy. Some updates to cabins and en-suite bathrooms plus the usual complete new coat of paint. 
A lot of hard work only interrupted by a visit from potentially France’s next president ‘Francois Hollande’, who gave a wave to crew eating lunch on deck as he passed by.
Thank you to all involved both back home in the office and those on board.