Sunday, 22 April 2012

2012 pre-season refit

Neil giving the Luciole some new make up
Liley brothers cleaning the saloon roof

The team sit down to a delicious lunch
The Luciole is restored to her summer glory after her winters rest in the port of Auxerre. A full team effort on this years refit! With some fresh faces in the mix. A new wooden front and windows to the saloon look great. A big thank you to Carpenter Chris, aka ‘Baron of Bristol’ and Giles. A set of new chairs in the saloon look really classy. Some updates to cabins and en-suite bathrooms plus the usual complete new coat of paint. 
A lot of hard work only interrupted by a visit from potentially France’s next president ‘Francois Hollande’, who gave a wave to crew eating lunch on deck as he passed by.
Thank you to all involved both back home in the office and those on board.

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