Wednesday, 30 October 2013

End of 2013 season

The 2013 season has now drawn to a close.  The Luciole crew are returning to their respective homes with plans to travel to distant exotic lands or enjoy a bit of peace and quiet by warm fires, following busy weeks on board the barge.

Merci millions to all who cruised on the Luciole this season.  Do take a look at our video to bring back a few memories of familiar faces and places of 2013.  

20th - 26th October 2013

The last week of the season has come around. The weather was exceptionally warm, we could hardly believe it. Lunch on deck even, in the warmth of the mid-day sun. 

Our lovely passengers were a group of ladies, friends for many years, decades in fact. Many of us of a certain age, know that some need it hot and others need it cold and before too long those that needed it hot then need it cold and those who were cold then suddenly were hot and needed cold so it goes on......High Fives and big respects to you ladies. Your wonderful guest book entry is a perfect finale to the 2013 season

High Fives to the Lovely Ladies, chartering
the Luciole for the final week of our 2013 season

13th - 19th October 2013

An exciting week for the Luciole, with the arrival of the new entrance to our mooring in Auxerre. Over the last year, the quay of Auxerre, has undergone a massive refurbishment programme.  The town planners have created a walk way to be proud of along the banks of the River Yonne. The back drop of the magnificent Cathedral de St Etienne standing proud up on the skyline is dramatic.

The Luciole has her own private mooring, thanks to the diligence and hard work of our Captain Francisco.  Gosh we feel fortunate and privileged!  The week was therefore extra special that Francisco's mother and cousin were visiting the Luciole all the way from Chile.

We also welcomed back passengers who have cruised with the Luciole before.  The record being with dear Alan and Marie Ann, who have cruised with us regularly since the 1980s!

Marie Ann, Francisco and Peter cutting 'the
 ribbon' for the new Luciole entrance on our  mooring in Auxerre

Friday, 18 October 2013

6th - 12th October 2013

Yet another beautiful week aboard the Luciole. The sun was shining, the leaves on the trees have turned the dark reds and oranges of autumn, and our passengers were a lovely combination of people hailing from the United States and Canada.

Good fun and late nights were a daily occurrence as the liquor and card games emerged after dinner. These plus the many jokes and great humour helped this group to relax and get to know each other very quickly, until they were inseparable by friday nights Captain's Dinner.

The wonderful old streets of Noyers. This alleyway leads to one of the pottery shops, a very popular curiosity to browse amongst our passengers and the locals alike. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

29th September - 5th October 2013

Party time on board the Luciole! John was the energetic team leader of this American charter group of 14 passengers. The forecast for the week looked as if we could have been in for some rain but happily for us the forecasters were wrong and the good weather enabled the group to indulge in early morning exercises with stretchy bands, cycling and brisk walking. Where did this group find all their energy after a late night of fun around the dining table fuelled by copious amounts of Armagnac?

These guests were so enthusiastic about Marc's cooking and appreciative of everything and everyone on board that they were full of praise for their wonderful week in Burgundy. The great atmosphere must have been contagious, as we had a great week too.

 A mouth watering example of Marc's scallops.

And here's a glimpse at one of his many enticing desserts.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

22nd - 28th September 2013

Autumn has arrived in Burgundy with beautiful warm weather and changing colours on the trees.  The early morning mist and cool mornings clear to give blue skies perfect for cycling and walking along the canal.  Our group this week saw a lone New Zealander amongst Americans from various states. Sporting a beret and out for an early pre breakfast walk on the first day, Bruce, from Maine. was mistaken for a local Frenchman amongst much merriment.

Along with the return of Autumn we welcomed the delightful Anna back to join Suzie as the hostesses aboard the Luciole.  Marc the Chef triumphantly completed his first week solo amid much praise from our lovely passengers.

Our outing to visit the vineyard in Chablis

Thursday, 3 October 2013

15th - 21st September 2013

This week we say au revoir to old friends and bonjour to old and new friends alike. Chef Mike has moved to new pastures ready for the winter season, so from all the crew we would like to wish him the best of luck, a fond farewell and to thank him for his months of excellence.

To fill such big boots we enlisted the big personality and chef of previous seasons, Sebastian, just for the week, and what a week we had. Fantastic food and a wonderful atmosphere was enjoyed by everyone. Adding to the brilliant ambience was the Luciole's new chef Marc, here for the latter part of the week and remaining with us for the rest of the season. So a big thank you to Seb and welcome aboard to Marc.

Having two chefs in the galley was not only a fantastic experience but a gastronomic delight for our guests who had a wonderful week of fabulous food and fun. The photograph is courtesy of matelot Tom's phone so apologies for the quality.

Seb and Marc in the Luciole galley,  cooking up a feast