Wednesday, 31 July 2013

21st - 27th July 2013

What a week of party goers, the bet was on....were there Americans on board or Canadians?  Pleased to say the hostesses beat the Chef and yes they were Canadians!

Larry was celebrating a milestone birthday and brought along the delightful Marie, his children and grandchildren.  They enjoyed fabulous weather and of course fabulous food which went down particularly well as they all admitted to being great 'foodies'.  Minda helped Mike in the galley and Julia is soon to be made Captain!

Apart from the birthday celebration the highlight of the week had to be (for us the crew) the wonderful 'thank you' finale of a presentation of Canadian specialities by all the family.

The view from our mooring in Auxerre.  Stunning!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

14th - 20th July

What a lovely week with a family celebrating a 90th birthday this year.  Not that one could really think it possibly true!  The cruise kicked off on Sunday night, the 14 July 'the day to be in France' with a firework display, watched from our deck. 

Perfect Sunday start to the cruise.  Bastille day fireworks in Chatel Censoir

Adventure and activity for our charter group's week.  Perhaps the most notable activity remembered by Eric and our tour guide Neil, was oh yes, we all know......the go-karting!!!  The car definitely came off the worse, with Neil disappearing into the crash barrier at a faster speed than he expected, courtesy of Eric's well timed and masterly executed nudge.  The Luciole certainly does have its very own racing driver, keen to win from the start.

Truly a week to remember - multi coloured berets at supper and matching suits - not forgetting the straw boaters.  A week of panache and joie de vivre.  Fingers crossed we are all as nimble and fit, glamorous and interesting when we reach such a milestone. Thank you all lovely family.

Luciole passes under a low bridge.  Passengers  duck, while others snap photos from above

Friday, 19 July 2013

7th - 13th July

Summer in Burgundy.  Gardens in full bloom and fields of corn and barley golden.  A lovely group on the Luciole.  Fond memories of Donald and his mother joining the cruise from China.  Not often we hear Chinese on the Luciole and who would have believed the chances of having another fluent Chinese speaker cruising?  Kathryn what a miracle you were - and oh Reggie - your 'Mama Go' nickname, will be remembered always!

Delightful garden in Vezealy, where we visit the stunning Basilica of Mary Magdalene

Lovely flowers make delicious honey!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

30th June - 6 July

Our cruise week to be remembered by the crew as the 'New Zealanders' week (not forgetting the Latvians and British of course!) with 4 couples travelling half way round the world to cruise the Nivernais Canal.
The crew will not forget the rendition of 'the Haker' feathers and all.  First performance ever on the Luciole.  How often is it also, that one meets friends from home while travelling?  Well, in Mailly-le-Chateau it happened New Zealanders are travellers for sure.

Magical rainbow after a refreshing summer shower

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

23rd - 29th June

The new free WIFI on the Luciole is proving a great success.  Photos of the first nights's supper were winging their way back to America before the evening was out.

Passengers enjoying their first night aboard the Luciole

On the Monday afternoon, at the end of the cruise when we arrived in Auxerre, Penny entertained by disembarking from Luciole to the quay (via a couple of boats) on the boom, the swinging pole that enables the rider to 'fly' from barge to shore or visa versa.  Always a fun experience.   The love of this mode of travel is a family thing as can be seen when William, eldest son, showed his acrobatic skills a few years ago:

Cheese speeches were a little unusual this week.  Touch of the mid-summer madness for sure, with a little help from our talented Dutch friend Loeloe.

16th - 22nd June

Oh la la! The orchid week.........

....from Lizards to Bees and numerous purple varieties in between.  This week, the Luciole cruised with a British charter group, who got a bit more than they bargained for with the discovery of 9 different orchid species tucked into the Burgundian countryside.  Thank you Carol for opening all our eyes to these very special flowers, that have bloomed this season, prolifically.....and late.....undoubtedly just for you!

It was lovely to welcome aboard a group of friends who heard about the Luciole through past dear passengers Mike and Jan.  Happy memories of all.