Monday, 27 May 2013

19th - 25th May

The Luciole was exceedingly fortunate this week to be cruising with a group of Lovely Ladies.  The cruise was all a bit of an adventure, with an unexpected change of route.  With fun and laughter throughout and one night a selection of the most glamorous of wigs the week went with a swing.

Captain Francisco, joins in with the 'hilarious wig spirit' of one evening

Merci millions Lovely Ladies for bringing so much sunshine to the barge. You will honestly, never be forgotten by the Luciole crew and we do hope that the laughter and memories shared, last with you always, where ever you are. No doubts that 'your wigs' will be making an appearance again, next time on a crew member.  Blue sky!

Friday, 24 May 2013

12th - 18th May

The Luciole was without passengers this week.  There was therefore the opportunity for more work various and for the crew to recharge their batteries.  We said goodbye to chef Stuart and welcomed Mike and bonjour to Tom, who took over from Mark as matelot (deckhand).  William, who wrote our blog as deckhand for the last two seasons, is now helping to run the family business from terra firma,  during the cruising season.

We thought you might like to see some pre-season photos of the 2 weeks before passengers arrive.  It can feel a bit touch and go at the end - especially this season with the laying or our new hardwood decking - but we do always get there!  Check out our photo albums or facebook to see the proof!

Delicious crew lunches, prepared by cheffy Stuart.  Essence or Luciole team work                                                                          

Mark and Tom working together on the newly laid hard wood decking

Afternoon break in the shadow of a boat on the quay.  For the hostesses Anna and Suzie, help was on hand with the return of Fi, our hostess of a few seasons ago to assist with training and the passing on of 'the knowledge'

Captain Francisco could call the engine room his second home......  

William entertains before scrubbing the roof, ready for painting

 Neil, our true historian, ponders the DIY challenges of the day

Monday, 13 May 2013

5th - 11th May

Our third week saw the return of passengers Charles and Susan, who brought along with them family and friends to charter the Luciole.  In Accolay the nightingales sang and the sun went down.  While in the saloon a strawberry desert with a caramel spear was served.

Tranquil mooring in the village of Accolay

Strawberry delight to WOW
The river levels dropped and Luciole cruised to Auxerre.  Once through the lock 'Batardeau' and before the bridge of Pont Paul Bert, Francisco skilfully steered, with Neil 'counting' the distance between barge and bridge arch to bring Luciole safely to her mooring on the city quay.

Friday, 10 May 2013

28th April - 4th May

Unfortunately the rain came to France and the rivers and canals filled with water.  Day trips were in order and our fantastic chef Stu meant spirits were not dampened.  Tour guide Neil, unfathomable in history and knowledge of the region and France showed the true historian he is and kept all things incredibly interesting and amusing at the same time!  The lovely new hostesses Anna and Suzie were also always on hand to help with a smile.  Our passengers were truly fantastic, a family without doubt.

Passengers and crew on the Luciole deck, shortly before the departure to Paris

At the weekend, in preparation for our Adventure Charters later in the summer, the crew visited the caves of Dissingis.  Challenging and exciting, without question. We all slept well on Saturday night!

Up in the roof of the quarry, wearing harnesses and hard hats

21st - 27th April

The first week has commenced. A group from Japan came and kickstarted the season as the first passengers to see our new looking Luciole, a great week with lots of Spring sunshine.
The dramatic sky line of Auxerre with the impressive Cathedral of St Etienne

The Luciole crew have been wonderful this week.  Francisco our Captain and Neil the Tours Director have guided us all through.  I will not be matelot-ing on the Luciole this year in order to pursue a career in graphic design. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have made the last two years on the Luciole so fun and memorable, it will be missed and I wish the new crew all the best in what is a fantastic place to work and given me so much. I will still continue to be involved in this family business, just a bit more land based now.
Francisco straight back where he left off,
fitting the Luciole into the locks and making it look easy