Sunday, 12 February 2012

Our movie gallery

We have a new Barge Luciole video..... 

Roll on summer sun - make the most of - beautiful Burgundy

.......sit back, relax and watch......ENJOY!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Adventure Barge Cruises

Have you considered chartering a barge with your family or friends but wishing there was more activity and adventure? Hotel Barge Luciole is now offering the perfect cruise for you!

Tree walking, horse riding, cave climbing and kayaking are exciting activities alongside our regular visits. Families and friends wanting a summer adventure that pleases every age, do check out our full itinerary for the week.

Horse riding through Burgundy, close to the Parc du Morvan

An ADVENTURE barge cruise on Luciole combines barge cruising, with a choice of exciting activities or our regular visits to historic sites. Perfect for a mixed age charter group of under 10s, teens and upwards.

From barge cruising to kayak paddling

We can organise the perfect vacation for you, full of activity, yet still maintaining the essence of a barge cruise in our historic region of Burgundy.