Friday, 13 June 2014

1st - 7th June

It's the first week of June and summer has arrived in style in Burgundy. Along with the sun and summer cheer come 13 wonderful people from all across the United States. Friends who have travelled together every year for the last 27 years and found themselves in our little corner of France, and very glad we are to have them too.

The week was marked by slow, peaceful days of cruising, passengers walking in the sun or drinking cocktails on the deck. The evenings spent enjoying long, interesting discussions over a bottle of wine or two and of course chef Marcs marvellous creations. The pinnacle however was surely the group sing alongs after dinner, a tradition for many years amongst these guests and one we were all very glad to witness and have the good fortune to join them for on the final night. A great ending to an excellent week.

A sing-a-long after supper. Guitar unfortunately out of shot.

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