Friday, 23 August 2013

10th - 16th August 2013

Friends and family gathered on the Luciole for the filming of our new video, under the masterful eye of Director and Producer, Ant Palmer.  We certainly were amazingly fortunate with the weather, every day sunshine, blue sky and a scattering of fluffy clouds across the Burgundy sky-scape.

Ant Palmer films the Luciole cruising through Auxerre

Lots of laughs and a fair old sprinkling of 'Just one more time'.  More wine was poured, the Luciole was turned to cruise a canal section again to film the shot from another angle.  Everyone became 'a darling' as the days slipped past and camera rolled in this most exquisite corner of France.

Big thanks to: Ant, Min and Laura, Judith for joining us all the way from America, Lesley and Malcolm, Isobelle and David, Margaret and Richard, Clare, Tony and Jennie, Luciole crew and Liley Lads, William and Tris.

You were all stars.......Darlings xx

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