Thursday, 17 May 2012

6th - 12th May

A peacock butterfly infront of the Luciole
Unfortunately nature intervened with our itinerary this week! The river still considered too dangerous to navigate until the Thursday. This meant we had to stay put in Auxerre. Wine tasting passed the time with a very special day trip out for the passengers to Beaune - a beautiful city renown for being Burgundy's wine capital.

Thankfully after a frustrating few days we were able to cruise and sped up the canal, making it all the way to Mailly la Ville on the Thursday, Friday we continued on but were stopped just short of Clamecy in Lucy sur Yonne. The river still had some pace to it and many trees sped downstream and even trapped us in a lock for 30 minutes, sand and mud washed away in the flood created sand banks that had to be dodged. However a fantastic two days of sun and blistering heat that came out of nowhere kept the smiles on everyones faces, very little was missed due to a fantastic effort by all. A great end to a frustrating start of the week.

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