Sunday, 22 September 2013

8th - 14th September 2013

What a week we had, a week of sun, kilometres of cycling, and global cooperation and friendship. Our very lovely guests this week hailed from all corners of the United States, Australia and a two person contingent from the UK, .

With the beautiful weather it was only expected that a few people would cycle along the towpaths following the boat and scouting a path to that evenings destination. I was however stunned with the sheer number of Luciole cyclists and their amazing dedication to going the distance. Indeed we were without fail beaten to every lock by our passengers who would proceed to open the lock gates and close the vains and take the ropes from Tom and Francisco's hands.

Just as well that chef Mike was on hand as always to replenish everyone's energy with his wonderful cuisine, and that Izzy and Suzie were ready as ever with pot of tea or a bottle or two of something delicious.
Cruising the glorious Nivernais Canal

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  1. There was also a very lovely couple from Australia