Tuesday, 9 June 2015

31st May - 6th June 2015

Burgundy has been hit by a blazing heatwave, the skies are blue without a cloud to be seen and the sun is beating down on the shining decks of the Luciole. What a way to greet our newest set of arrivals all the way from sunny Florida, and to welcome home our crew who have taken the week to travel around to other corners of France, seeing friends and family.

We've had a very special family joining us this week celebrating the 58th wedding anniversary of Jon and Rebecca. Along with them are their three sons Jonathan, Ford and Steven, their wives Debbie, Fran and Betty, and their children Lara, Paige, Julia and Robert. A truly lovely family they were too, always smiling, ever talkative and constantly active and who can blame them for such activity in the sunshine we've had. It wasn't a surprise to see everyone out and off the boat so often during the day, cycling, walking and running around the countryside, exploring hidden places and finding things to do around the canal, even helping the lock keepers with the lock gates all day as we cruised along. It was also a very musical week as several passengers were talented musicians. Dinner most nights was ended with coffee and a sing along, the perfect accompaniment to a sunny evening with a dramatic sunset, and the perfect ending to an excellent week.

 Happy Anniversary!

Betty, Paige, Ford, Fran, Lara, Rebecca, Jon, Debbie, Jonathon, Robert, Julia and Steven line up on the deck.

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