Thursday, 6 October 2011

18th – 24th September

Hot air ballooning over Burgundy
Autumn officially started this week, yet the hot weather is deceptive and the trees still very green, the only sign being that of ripe fruit on the trees. This week I fell in the canal, my first unassisted tumble – it wasn’t warm.

This week passengers took a trip in a balloon, taking off from Lucy and silently blown by the wind over the chateau of Faulin in the direction of Clamecy, I was lucky enough to get the chance to go up with them, it was a fantastic experience that gave me a chance to see Burgundy from a different perspective and get some aerial shots of the canal (to be found on the website in the near future)

A fair well to loyal hostess; Izzy, who returns to England in order to start her second year of University, she has been a great worker and friend to us all, she will be missed. I did the transfer to Paris in the bus to see her off. Her replacement: Tim - spent this week training with the two girls.

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