Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cruising back to our winter mooring

Our last passengers of the season, left on the bus up to Paris with Neil and the remaining crew fired up the engine for the two day cruise back to Auxerre and our winter mooring.  The mist hung over the water until mid-morning, we wrapped up warm and drank hot chocolates until the sun burnt through.

The Luciole crew leaving Clamecy on a chilly morning, en-route to Auxerre

We even experienced what it was like cruising, sitting on the sun deck, playing chess, dominoes (the game of the season, it was chess last season!). Admittedly the beer was drunk straight from the bottle but the whole experience of cruising on a sunny day along this Nivernais Canal, was great. We felt we knew what our passengers experience and that was rather nice!

We really did feel like passengers, although the service was not quite up to scratch

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