Sunday, 9 June 2013

26th May - 1 June

The Luciole was cruising on the Burgundy Canal this week.  A change from our usual route, cruising from Tanlay to Les Laumes.  The older lock-keepers of course knew the Luciole from years past and were delighted to see again.

Our barge (bought from Continental Waterways in 9785) was originally called the 'Palinurus' and she began cruising in 1966, Captained by the entrepreneur Richard Parsons, who now lives in the hills near the Burgundy Canal.  Nearly fifty years on, we are very proud to be cruising on history and operating the first in the hotel barge world.

Palinurus first cruised in 1966, when a whole new vacation  idea was born

Our passengers came from from far and wide: New Zealand, the States and England.  Penny sends a merci millions for the beautiful flowers!

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