Thursday, 20 June 2013

9th - 15th June

The Luciole crew, 2013

A fine bunch of people, the Luciole crew this year consists (from right to left) of Captain Francsico, Matelot (deckhand) Tom, the superb chef Mike, lovely hostesses Suzie and Anna and finally the best tour guide in the business Neil. 

It is at this time I can say that I will not be part of the Luciole crew this season, in order to pursue a career in graphic design while still maintaining a role behind scenes. This will mean the blog will no longer be mine, however I shall be passing the role on the to Tom to keep you updated with the Luciole season.

In further news the Luciole was published on the first page of Burgundys newspaper, an article celebrating the 47 years Luciole has cruised the canals of the region, featuring an interview of owner John Liley. The article is found online here: 

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