Wednesday, 10 September 2014

31st August - 6th September

The Luciole has been a hotbed of entertainment this past week as our latest group of passengers kept us laughing all day with their combined antics. That plus the presence of our very own John Liley for the first three days before his unfortunate departure back to the UK, meant we had a week of none stop jokes, anecdotes and fun.

It's always nice to see a group gel so quickly in the week, and be so close by the end. By the time friday came around and the traditional friday night toast was made, you could have sworn this selection of perfect strangers had known each other for decades, particularly so when the celebration cake and toasts were made to celebrate Clive's 80th birthday and Tony's 70th.

Tony, our resident joker for the week surprised us all and made quite the name for himself with his superb dance moves under the bridge of Pregilbert as he waited for the boat to pass. The following day the very lovely Charlie managed to walk off determinedly in the wrong direction without a soul on board noticing his departure. Thankfully he realised his mistake sooner or later, when he found himself in the mooring we had just spent the night at and decided it was for the best to turn around and catch us up. We were more than glad to hear the cheers and laughter that resonated across the water and up the valley sides as he finally reappeared on the horizon, earning himself the nick name wrong way Charlie, and a special place in our memories.

Passengers line up in the sun outside Auxerre's Place Saint Nicolas.

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