Wednesday, 24 September 2014

14th - 20th September

Autumn has arrived in Burgundy, and with the change of the season come twelve new passengers from America to spend a week with us on the Luciole as we cruise from Clamecy to Auxerre, and a very nice week we had too! The green may be beginning to fade from the world to be replaced by the subtle yellows, reds and oranges of early autumn, and Tom the deckhand now spends each morning sweeping up the newly fallen carpet of leaves from every inch of the boat, but the sun is still shining, the weather is beautiful and Burgundy takes on a very different hue and atmosphere at this time of year, though as spectacular as always.

A garden of St. Pallaye showing Burgundies transition into Autumn.

Additionally this week we had new faces amongst the crew, we welcomed aboard the excellent Noemie joining us as a hostess and welcomed aboard but also bid a fond farewell to chef Damien joining us again just for the week to cover his close friend and our regular chef Marc's holiday. We all hope he enjoyed the week here as much as we enjoyed having him, and as much as our passengers certainly did eating the simply superb and delectable treats he prepared each day.

Chef Damien posing upon the back deck, the river Yonne by the town of Vincelles in the background.

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