Wednesday, 1 October 2014

21st - 27th September

For the final week of September, and also I'm very sad to say our fifth final week of the season, we have a very special charter hailing from the States, twelve excellent people from San Francisco and one lovely couple from New York. This group has known each other for many years and have been travelling the world and cycling across America for the past twenty years together, and now they have their chance to take on a new challenge along the tow-paths of the Nivernais.

The cycling may be gentler and flatter here, the pace of the boat slow and relaxed, but being energetic after one of Marc's exceptional buffet lunches, followed by a selection of cheeses is no mean feat, and it's best not to mention the lunchtime wines! Regardless of this very unique set of difficulties, cycling and walking were in full swing and very popular, as was staying on deck by the remainder of the group, mostly husbands enjoying a beer in the sun, shouting out jokes and hurling abuse at their wives as they passed by. And so was set the tone for the week, a happy week full of constant laughter and familiarity. Thus is life on The Luciole, each week it's own set of qualities that differentiate it from the last, but always the same atmosphere of calm, happiness and our pure appreciation of the beautiful place we are so fortunate to spend our time in and get to share with so many good people. Life is peachy.

 A very typical scene of the last 6 days, this picture is taken just before the lock of Basseville.

The sun setting at Lucy sur Yonne. One example of the wonder we witness every day.

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