Wednesday, 8 October 2014

28th September - 4th October

The first week of October is here, and somehow the Luciole's final month cruising for the season is upon us, the crew all swear we only arrived in France yesterday, or that's the way it feels perhaps! The weather is still bright and beautiful, and the canal is still as active and full of life as ever. Much the same could be said about our passengers as we welcome aboard six Canadians and eight Americans for a week of splendour in the sunshine.

When the weather is good it's natural for people to walk and cycle and enjoy the scenery of the Nivernais as it passes them by from the comfort of the deck. But this week our resident adventurers Mitch and Mary-Lou explored much more than the canal and paths local to us, and decided to meet tour guide Anna and company in Vezelay on the Tuesday, making them the first passengers I've ever seen to do it. Not only this but they performed the same feat heading to Auxerre on friday, and perhaps most impressively of all, managed to successfully locate an open bar in the middle of the week, something very few guests have ever achieved, though not through lack of trying! But then that's Burgundy for you, it may be quiet and you may have to plan your shopping trips or drinks in advance and with due care, but I suppose it's part of the charm and it's one of many reasons to love it.

Marc looking very pleased with his newly acquired (enormous) autumn vegetables, courtesy of everyone's favourite lock keeper Cindy.

Roger and Elaine, Mo and Ken posing specifically for the blog photo in Bazoches. We thought it was essential seeing as Ken is such an avid reader of my blog.

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