Wednesday, 15 October 2014

5th October - 11th October

A very special week on the Luciole this week, especially so for Captain Francisco, as his Aunt Carmen was onboard, alongside a group of eight and a group of four Americans, who have spent their holidays travelling together for many years. The constant laughter permeated every inch of the boat as the passengers divulged in a sudden favourite past time for all, playing bridge and drinking wine. All overseen and organised to perfection by Carmen. It's a bit of a running joke for passengers to play bridge, it gets mentioned week after week, but it's never the case that people actually play the game! So it was nice to see everyone put their gambling heads on and start betting some serious amounts of dried beans. Perhaps it was the Chilean influence wearing off. 

The route was also slightly altered this week due to maintenance on the formidable lock of Basseville again, as a result we decided to stop at the ever pleasant Chatel Censoir, and the rather spectacular Coulanges, an untried location for the Luciole but one that was definitely worth stopping for, even if just for the spectacular skies.

The week ended with an excellent ambience, with a hint of sadness as Francisco's final speech after captain's dinner took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about Christmas' spent at Aunt Carmens and finally paying her back for her hospitality with a little hospitality of his own aboard the Luciole.

Francisco and Carmen sitting down for captain's dinner.

The sun setting over Coulanges-sur-Yonne

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