Wednesday, 22 October 2014

12th - 18th October

The penultimate week of the Luciole's 2014 season is unexpectedly and very sadly upon us. On a happier note however, we have thirteen lovely guests keeping us company as we cruise from Coulanges-sur-Yonne to Auxerre. 11 Americans and 2 Brits make up this merry bunch, and merry they certainly were,as the wine flowed and beers were cracked open in the still miraculously glorious autumnal sun.

It felt like a week of real camaraderie as the passengers clicked so quickly with each other and with the crew. Due to their being only 3 men on board, alongside 10 women, a boys club very quickly formed with headquarters on the deck. This is where you would generally find Gordon, Robert and Bob, putting the world to rights and "supervising" the boats navigation, beers in hands. Indeed Bob could well have been made an honourary crew member and paid a wage for the amount of assistance he offered throughout the week. At every single lock of the route he would be supervising, opening gates, or just having a conversation with the lock keeper. So thank you Bob, for your tireless efforts.

Finally I would like to say congratulations from all the crew to Robert and Marilyn on their 65th wedding anniversary, we hope yourselves and your daughters had an excellent stay and enjoyed your week as much as we enjoyed ours.

The gang pose at Chablis, with, as Anna describes him, the dashing Sebastian.

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