Wednesday, 17 September 2014

7th - 13th September

It's been a very active and extremely enjoyable week here aboard the Luciole, accompanied as we were by twelve wonderful people joining us from across the globe. Two Australians, two Brits and eight Americans made our merry and diverse group as we cruised from Auxerre to Clamecy in beautiful September sunshine.

The Luciole may have spent Monday to Friday navigating the waterways of the Nivernais canal and the river Yonne, but for the majority of our passengers it was more of a walking tour as so many of them chose to cycle, walk or jog alongside the boat and off into the distance. Once Don had taken his initial spin at Batardeau the first lock out of Auxerre, that was the tone set for the week as he was quickly joined by practically everyone at one time or another. You would have thought we had spent half the week cruising empty! Passengers just rejoining the boat every lock or two for a splash of something interesting to drink and keep them going as they headed straight back off down the tow path.

The most staggering feat was done on Tuesday as a group of six negotiated their way from the village of Accolay, the second nights stop of the route, all the way back to Auxerre in time to meet Anna before her tour of the cathedral. Perfectly on time as well. So well done to those brave few, it's actually the first time I've seen it done, but then barging is full of interesting little surprises.

 Cheese monger Xavier Didier in his Noyers fromagerie.

Pam outside the pottery shop also in Noyers.

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