Monday, 13 June 2011

Week 15 -21 May

The barge Luciole leaves a lock escorted by swans

Chef Sebastian's delicious gourmet puddings
Another great week, another ‘wedding’? Champagne and cake for all. Remembered for the nicknames given to the crew: The tailor – Francisco for his ability to thread the eye of a needle (the boat into the lock) Gandalf – Sebastian, for his magical cooking. The women that lived in the shoe – the girls. Swiss army knife – me? Googless Wikipedius – Neil for his unfathomable knowledge.

The sky has been incredible this week, with some fantastic sunsets. The canal is getting busier with summer months, and the water level is getting extremely low. We’ve passed herons fishing, cows grazing and hawks circling, don’t think I will ever get bored of this scenery. The photo above show an escort of swans as we leave the lock.

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