Monday, 20 June 2011

Week 5 - 11 June

A fantastic week. A great group on the Luciole who re-set the high bar. Lots of laughs from the moment they stepped onboard till the very end. Highlights being the continuous pranks played on the girls during service and through out the cruise, everyone in the kitchen helping Sebastian the chef, every passenger donning a life jacket (as a joke) and the Rose wine went down very well! A great sunset in Bailly over the river once again allowed some fantastic photos.

Luciole passengers enjoying chef Sebastian's delicious diner 
A bit of rain this week didn’t manage to dampen the spirits and Sebastian's food was loved - as shown in the picture above! A trip to hospital for myself to sort out my hands and my first transfer to Paris in the bus was rather daunting but all went well in the end.

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