Monday, 13 June 2011

Week 29 May - 4 June

Sunset over the River Yonne from the deck of the Luciole
This week started with a bang. The second lock we became stuck on a log, two metres long and hidden bellow the water line – the width perfectly fitted the gap between the lock wall and the boat. Trapped half way out, unable to continue or reverse back into the lock. After various scratching of heads it became apparent there was only one solution; a tractor was called, within 3 minutes of the farmer arriving we were pulled back off the log enabling it to be fished out – it was huge! Cruising was resumed and so did the week. Who said barging was boring? 

The passengers made full use of the bikes and well kept towpath, as well as swimming in the river at Lucy and Bailly. A mid week storm provided a freshness to the air after a hot day and helped relieve the areas drought after all the good weather.

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