Monday, 13 June 2011

Week 8 - 14 May

Luciole takes on extra passengers looking for greener pastures!
   Various generations from a family of nine were on board this week, with a great mix of ages and by the end of the week had gained four more members, with the four others fitting in amazingly. Plenty of sunshine but with a much needed storm thrown in overnight, soaked the region and provided a spectacular lightening storm. Photo above of two horses using the boat to cross into a grazing paddock - providing an alarm clock for the chef!
    Lots of card games this week, with some chess and jumping off the boat thrown in. The Birthday of passenger Paul meant an evening of celebrations. 
    Made some great friends with smiles all around, continued the season at the same high level of where it left off, having to remind myself that i’m working and not just on holiday as well!

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