Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Week: 24th - 30th July

The Luciole had a week without passenger.  Crew travelled to distant places for a recharge of batteries (Barcelona in Spain and Brighton in the UK to mention but a few) and the Luciole received a mid-summer spruce up from our wonderful painter friend Roy.

The Luciole cruises the glorious Nivernais Canal

We said goodbye to hostess Alice (merci millions from us all) and hello to Izzy.  We have continued to keep it 'in the family'.  Alice is Giles Grenville's niece and Izzy, Tony's daughter -our website and brochure designer since 1975!  We have Fi (Alice's school friend) with us for an extra few weeks, before Helen, partner of my old school buddy Tim (they have both spent a number of pre-season work weeks on the Luciole over the last few years).  All sounds a bit crazy I know, but it works for us and we believe our passengers see so as well!  Roll on next week and the Luciole cruising the lovely Nivernais encore!

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