Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Week: 7th - 13th August

A perfect entrance to a difficult lock.  Luciole pilot cheers at the success!
Francisco our pilot, cheers as he enters a lock - a difficult one - due to being straight off a river bend. The current sometimes catches the stern and pulls her round, entering at an angle is the worst way, with only 5cm to spare each side. Francisco an expert tailor as he threads the eye of a needle with a 150 ton thread. The deck sparse of bikes as passengers ride along the tow path.

This week saw a variety of new and old faces onboard: passengers, our website designer, crew parents, shareholder and agents were a great blends. Chef Dave produced some excellent cuisine, which I would like to thank him for and for fitting in so well while Luciole's usual chef Seb takes a week off.  Another week of laughs and blue sky for sure!

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