Monday, 29 August 2011

Week: 21st - 27th August

Fantastic week, extremely hot to start with a lightening storm and spectacular stars. New hostess Helen and settled in and showed off her singing talent in spectacular form with Neil playing guitar, great send off to some great passengers, including chef Sebastian’s mother who was a pleasure to have on board.

Feature of the week: the boom. 

Now to explain; an arm hinged on a cable enabling travel from boat to bank without stopping. Very useful in the past for when the barge was horse drawn, however these days it’s use has come into its own. Various dangers include: stinging nettles, water and arriving back to boat too fast. The video above demonstrates how it should NOT be done, the correct technique is stomach on the pole and arms straight, using the legs to balance - however if a leap is required then different techniques maybe more appropriate, be sure to have tied your shoes on! Further complications arrive when the distance is too great, as can be seen bellow.

This week the boom was required for raising the lift bridge, running to the lock to wake up a sleepy lock keeper and most importantly delivering a vital gin and tonic to a parched passenger - James - delivering fine service the whole journey!

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