Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Week: 14th - 20th August

Luciole's chef, Sebastian cooks up a storm
A family travelling to the Luciole led by the highly respected matriarch; 90 year old Berle. An active group that lapped up the history from encyclopedic tour guide Neil. The younger generations kept the crew entertained late into the night, some good friends were made, “the best week of the season” - Francisco referring to this fun. Kat and David both naturals at steering the boat, with others setting the pace on bikes.

The return of Seb the chef, who excelled this week, and so a picture dedicated to his culinary creations. The loss of our hostess Fiona, who has returned ready for starting university in England.  Fi joined the Luciole at the start of the season - she ran a tight ship - and will be sorely missed. A fresh face of Helen arrived to fill the large gap.

A summer site to see are the areas farmers plant with flowers for anyone to pick. Our passengers stopped on the way home from a tour to pick flowers for the Luciole. The weather is still hot and sunny. Fields are being ploughed for their second crop, fruit ripening on the trees and the air filled with swallows. Burgundy is at its best.

Flower fields, for anyone to pick.  Luciole passengers gather bunches for our saloon 

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