Wednesday, 20 August 2014

10th - 16th August

We've had an interesting last few days, a week of mishaps, adventures and rare occurrences. But this is the Luciole and happiness and laughter always prevail, the rest is simply a backdrop. Especially with a group as charming and friendly as these.

The lock of Basseville was unusually closed for two days causing us to stop at a couple of new mooring locations and attempt a number of extremely complex manoeuvres, testing Captain Francisco and Matelot Tom to the limit. As a result we spent Thursday and Friday nights respectively at the lovely Chatel Censoir and the wild and beautiful Pousseaux. We also decided to forego Noyers this week and instead visited the fascinating museum de la mode in Avallon, an excellent find by tour guide Anna.

Captain Francisco and Deck-hand Tom.

The other unfortunate news of the week was the hospitalization of one passenger before his arrival on the barge, the passenger in question being the father of the matelot in fact. Thankfully he was released before the end of the week, we only hope his shorter cruise and half a week of Marc's food was enough and that he had a good time regardless and makes a full and speedy recovery.

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