Saturday, 2 August 2014

13th - 19th July

It's been a beautiful week here in Burgundy, and just like the sun reappearing from behind the clouds so too returns our third time guests Terrence and Frances, cruising this time with their family.  We were joined also by Gordon who flew from Australia for his family reunion and of course we must not forget our talented musician Larry, from Chicago, who displayed his undeniable talents in jamming sessions on board. The week was marked by the easy days of cruising(for Francisco) as he was assisted by the three very lovely young ladies, Eloise, Anne-Marie and Zoe along with Zoe's father Philip.

The weather has been glorious and every day passengers and crew alike would wander down to the local swimming spots on the river, expertly guided by chef and part time swimming enthusiast Marc. There are lovely locations for a quick dip all along the route and always places close to our over night stops. A particular favourite amongst ourselves and the locals is at the village of Lucy sur Yonne, just a couple of hundred meters from where the boat spends the night. The riverside beach at Vermenton is a very close second. They all have their charm however and whether you prefer quiet and secluded, wild and fun or busy and well tamed, there's always a good place to cool off.

Cruising on a beautiful summer's day

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