Saturday, 2 August 2014

20th - 26th July

Xin chào and càm õn to our extremely excellent Vietnamese passengers who have travelled all the way from the USA to join us here on the Luciole. Three generations of these lovely people brightened our week and spread the cheer daily, even if the weather was being less than cooperative at times it never dampened their spirits or slowed their picture taking fingers!

Our lovely charter group - fun memories of horse riding and cycling beside the canal
In the sunshine the bikes were disembarked and the group would explore in force, riding up and down the towpath and onto the little tracks leading into parts unknown. Austin and An-nam racing off into the lead, group leader Lilia walking alongside us, chief photographer Robert riding back and forth in search of the perfect shot and Ytien and Chloe (two of the sweetest young ladies I've had the good fortune to meet) decorating their bikes with wild flowers.

Finally I want to wish a happy 8th birthday again to An-nam! We hope you had a memorable one and perhaps we will see "y'all" again soon. 

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