Saturday, 16 August 2014

3rd - 9th August

Our chef Marc had this week highlighted on his calendar since the beginning of the season.  The reason being, his mentor and hero chef Robert MacPherson was cruising on the Luciole, with his wife Jacqui.

The starter on the Sunday night paraded succulent scallops, crispy pancetta, cauliflower swipe with a garnish of curried cauliflower beignets and pea shoots and lastly, not forgetting, all the way from the Highlands of Scotland delicious 'black pudding'.

Wish we could have bottled the laughter that rang out throughout the week from breakfast to late.  Such delightful passengers.  Sadly two ladies were thwarted joining the Luciole for this cruise - but we greatly look forward to welcoming them aboard at the end of the season.  No doubt it will be here befoe we know it!

We may well have taken a record on the Luciole of having three crew members whose parents crewed barges, decades ago.  George - whose father Richard began hotel barging, Alice - her parents worked on barges on the Burgundy Canal and Tris - youngest lad of John and Penny Liley.  As ever, the Luciole family atmosphere continues.

Chef Marc with his mentor Robert
Delicious starter of scallops

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